Amy Brightman

From the moment I took my first yoga class I knew that yoga was more than just simple movement, but it wasn’t until years later that I came to understand the powerful dynamics of body, mind and breath moving as one.  I attended my first teacher training at Samadhi Yoga in Seattle where I developed a solid foundation in yogic philosophy and a practice that shot my heart space wide open. I finished my second teacher training at Be Luminous Yoga in Seattle where I found my courage and voice. I practice yoga because it keeps me sane, grounded and connected. I teach because I want to give back to the practice that has given me so much. My classes flow from the heart and are infused with the rhythm of breath, strength, joy and humor.

Olivia Hadreas

Olivia practices yoga as a way to foster a deeper awareness of self, allowing her to authentically connect with the world around her. So much of life is looking towards the future, towards that next moment, and the mat is the one place where the noise comes to a halt, allowing you to show up for you, and listen to that inner voice inside of you (that’s where the magic really happens!). Olivia uses powerful music, creative sequencing, and authentic theming to create a beautiful space for personal discovery on the mat.

Olivia has been practicing yoga for 8 years, and completed her 200 Hour RYT with the goal of bringing passion, inclusion, and curiosity to the practice.

Miranda McRae

From an early age I was introduced to the benefits of passion, movement and musicality. Growing up a dancer provided not only an outlet for creativity, but an emotional release through freedom of movement that has helped me grow into the woman I am today. Discovering that yoga was just another outlet for that completely changed my way of living! Yoga introduced me to a power and strength I never knew I possessed and has helped to only brighten the leader that was already inside of me. My vinyasa flow works to integrate the body, mind and soul through playful, grounding sequencing. I love to let my class be whatever you need to discover your true self and pursue your passions!!

Shannon Angstead

From the start, yoga felt like coming home. I found myself in a yoga class 19 years ago searching for a replacement for horses and dressage, which I left behind to pursue graduate studies in acupuncture. I was immediately drawn to the physical practice as I found both challenge and a calm, quiet space. As deeper layers were revealed, a lasting dedication was born. Beyond the layer of the physical practice, the weave of presence, honesty and acceptance has created a profound healing practice which has graced my life. More recently, I completed my teacher training at Lotus Yoga here in Seattle under the wise guidance of Megan Caroll. As my teachers have shared over the years, my aim is to offer ways to remember our deep connection to breath, body and soul. My classes offer a dynamic, fun, and engaging practice rooted in the heart. Classes are designed to allow for exploration and adaptation, honoring the moment as it is, so that students leave class feeling grounded, centered and vibrant. My other loves include reading, art projects of all kinds, wisdom traditions, walking, fair weather running, being immersed in nature and time with family and friends, especially my husband, 3 dogs and 2 cats.

Meghan Hohertz

Meghan tried yoga for the first time in 2007 with her best friend Charlotte. She remembers giving Charlotte the side-eye, quizzical look as the rest of the class chanted “Om” and began their ujjayi breath. Ten years later, she chants at least once a day, practices multiple breathing techniques, and loves a good sound bath – falling into the stereotype that people truly do get wiser with age.

Along with an RYT 200 hour certification, she is also a Certified Public Accountant. However, she would much rather put you in a state of yoga bliss than do your taxes. Meghan is influenced by restorative, mindfulness, kundalini, and bhakti practices.

Laura Good

Laura’s passion for teaching is rooted in the therapeutic potential of yoga and the belief that Yoga should be available to all. She encourages students to take an active role in their healing process and believes that Yoga’s emphasis on deepening self awareness is a powerful healing tool. Laura’s background in dance and her Licensed Massage Therapy practice have informed her strong understanding of biomechanics, human anatomy and injury treatment. Her teaching style weaves explorative breath practices, approachable strengthening sequences and supportive stretches into a class that will both challenge and meet you right where you’re at.

Jess Rush

Through her love of all things water related, Jess first found yoga on a stand up paddle board (SUP) and has dedicated Seattle’s beautiful summers to that practice for the past six years. SUP yoga turned out to be a gateway that led Jess to develop a land asana practice as well. Thanks to inspiring teachers who infuse their classes with all aspects of yoga, a deeper and fuller yoga practice including meditation, mantra, and pranayama followed.

​Through her yoga practice, Jess has found a pathway to healing: physically and emotionally. She has found strength of body and heart, flexibility of body and mind. It was a realization of just how much yoga had helped Jess grow that moved her to become a teacher herself. Jess completed her 200-hour RYT at the beautifully magical Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja. As a teacher, Jess is passionate about inclusion, service, and, inspired by her teachers, bringing all aspects of yoga to her classes-including finding the joy in each moment!